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Software Developers
Developers, who wish to integrate ActiveTick’s Market Data Services inside their own applications for display use, can do so by registering a developer’s account with ActiveTick. Developer’s account provides access to all resources needed for development purposes, such as programming APIs, documentation, sample applications with source code, and development support.

All developers are required to sign a Developer’s Agreement during account creation process before account can become active.

Developer’s accounts do not have extra fees, besides the standard monthly Market Data Services subscription fee.

Click here to register new developer’s account.

ActiveTick offers numerous API options to access market data from ActiveTick’s ticker plant services. Currently the following programming languages and operating systems are supported:

C++/Mac OSX
COM/.NET Windows
HTTP text-based
Historical Data Services
For historical data, we offer two datasets, original tick data, and OHLCV bar chart data, both of these datasets are available via API.

Tick data contains original trade and bid/ask pricing information. This data is captured throughout the trading session by ActiveTick’s historical database servers, and is stored in its original, unfiltered and unmodified format in our databases. This dataset goes back to 01/2010.

The following data elements are stored by historical servers, and are available for querying through API:

Bid/Ask Exchange
Bid/Ask Price
Bid/Ask Size
Quote Conditions
Last Traded Exchange
Last Traded Price
Last Traded Size
Last Trade Conditions
Timestamp in Microseconds

Bar data contains calculated OHLCV (Open/High/Low/Close/Volume) bars in n-minute intervals. We continuously process all data feeds, and calculate these bars as trading session progresses through the day.

Bar data is available in various time resolutions, including intraday, daily, and weekly resolutions. For intraday, the data granularity can comprise of any resolution between 1 and 60 minutes. All data is stored in 1-minute resolution internally on historical servers and upon request, the servers can generate and return other resolutions such as 5-minute or 13-minute bars.

For exchanges supporting extended-hours trading sessions, the API is capable of returning extended-hours data for both datasets as well.

Currently our databases store n-minute data beginning on 01/2008, and daily/weekly data beginning on 01/1990.
Snapshot Data Services
For real-time static market data values, ActiveTick Market Data API offers snapshot functionality.

Our snapshot servers capture and process all market data updates for every instrument from all exchanges. The updates run through a series of different calculations to determine things such as high and low price for the trading session, volume accumulation, trading counts, and many others.

This entire dataset is updated on real-time basis, and is available for querying via snapshot API. Data can be requested for individual instruments, as well as multiple instruments at a time.
Streaming Services
Streaming API enables clients subscribe to instruments and receive real-time or delayed market data.

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