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We are a market data company providing data from various exchanges to companies and traders to empower their trading. For over a decade we’ve been offering platforms, market data, and data feeds to thousands of customers who rely on us every day for their market data needs.

We are ActiveTick

Our team is made up of top-notch developers and traders with years of industry experience passionate about creating superb products. The same products and services we offer to you, we use for our own trading.

Because we own the entire software and hardware stack, we are able to offer superb products and services at very reasonable costs.

  • Intuitive platforms
  • Low-cost market data
  • Direct exchange connectivity
  • Trading
  • Developer APIs
  • Custom software development
  • 24x7 technical support
  • Periodic product updates

Our Company

Our company has been in business since 2010, with thousands of customers trusting our products and market data every day for their trading.

Our Team

Everyone in our team has extensive experience in trading and market data industries. We use this combined experience to create amazing products.

Our Customers

Our products are used by individual and professional traders, proprietary trading firms, and companies with their own customers. We strive to take care of each customer with our second to none support.

What we are good at?

We are all about connectivity and market data. Our main goal is to deliver a piece of information we receive from an exchange to our customer in most efficient and reliable way possible.

We strategically install our switches and servers in same datacenters where exchanges hand off market data for minimum latency. Being close in proximity to exchanges greatly reduces latency from the time we receive data to the time we hand it off to our customers.

All of our internal ticker plant software is developed in-house utilizing high-performance C++ language with modern designs to assure market data moves quickly and efficiently.

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We are ActiveTick

What our customers say about us?

A small sample of some feedback we've received from our customers.

Hands down best bang for the buck when it comes to complete and reliable trading platform.

Alexandra P.

Self Trader
Your market data never failed me in the past 4 years we’ve been with ActiveTick. Keep it going!

Bastien R.

Software Developer

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About Us

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We are a market data company providing trading platforms and market data from various exchanges to traders and companies to empower their trading.

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205 North Michigan Ave., Suite 810
Chicago IL, 60601

+1 312 668 8999