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Integrated Trading Overview

With all of ActiveTick Platform's impressive market data capabilities, the Platform also doubles as a full-fledged trading platform. A combination of outstanding quality market data and trading capabilities, make our software a truly unique solution.

Utilizing a variety of brokerage firms’ trading APIs (Application Programming Interface), ActiveTick Platform is capable of connecting to various brokerage firms using clients' trading accounts, and perform a wide range of trading activities, such as:

Placing orders
Displaying portfolios
Viewing account balances

When trading accounts are added to ActiveTick Platform, the Platform establishes and keeps live connections to accounts’ brokerage firms. Because of this, ActiveTick Platform is capable of receiving and displaying instantaneous trading account events, such as order executions, order cancels, and variety of other events.

Trading highlights include:

Embedded brokerage connectivity
Add multiple trading accounts at a time
Dynamic trading events notifications
Order Entry

All orders placed inside ActiveTick Platform originate through an intuitively designed order entry view. The order entry view contains a number of useful features to aid traders during their order placement. Some of the features include:

Streaming bid/ask buttons to automatically pre-fill limit and stop prices
Quick order cancel and modify buttons to quickly cancel or modify an order
Multiple accounts chooser

Order entry view is capable of processing a range of different symbol types, such as for stocks, options, and currencies.

Order entry highlights include:

Single order entry for all orders
Dockable and floating modes
Quick cancel order dropdown list
Quick modify open order dropdown list
Pre-fill limit and stop limit prices with streaming last, bid, and ask buttons
Automatically calculate quantity based on value or vice-versa
View dynamic order status and execution notifications
Account Management Tools

To display account information, ActiveTick Platform provides a powerful Account view window. The view comprises of a single window containing various tabs for things such as Positions, Open Orders, and Trade Activity. ActiveTick Platform supports multiple opened Account views at a time.

All outstanding live orders are shown inside Open Orders views. Open Orders views are capable of displaying orders for multiple trading accounts, even if accounts are from different brokerage firms. The views also let users easily modify their orders, as well as cancel them.

When any trading activity happens inside ActiveTick Platform, the software stores all information into a local database, and provides comprehensible interface for querying that data, search for various information, and viewing it on the screen. All trading account real-time dynamic notifications are also displayed in the same window.

Position views display positions for all accounts as well as additional extended information. When orders are placed through the Platform, it keeps track of variety of extended information such as execution prices, dates and times, order quantities and other data. Using this information, ActiveTick Platform is able to calculate various dynamic real-time data fields, such as profit & loss information for each position. These data fields are available regardless whether the brokerage firm supports them or not.

For traders looking for advanced portfolio management tools, ActiveTick Platform offers order-lot based positions. With this feature, any time additional shares or contracts are added to an existing position, the software breaks up the whole position into individual lots based on the quantity of each prior order. For example, if 500 additional shares are added into existing position of 1000 shares, ActiveTick Platform displays two position lots: 1000 shares and 500 shares.

With order-lot based positions, for each lot, ActiveTick Platform keeps original purchase price, quantity, and date and time. At a higher level, the Platform aggregates all position lots into single whole positions, and calculates real-time profit & loss values, quantities, and other data fields.

ActiveTick Platform also supports liquidations of individual position lots or entire positions.

Account management tools highlights include:

Single tabbed interface for different account management tools
Streaming positions view
Lot-based positions
Positions editor
Dynamically updating profit/loss values for individual lots, positions, and accounts
Expand/collapse functionality for drilling in/out of accounts, positions, and position lots
Liquidate individual lots or whole positions from positions window
Open orders view
Quick order cancel/modify from open orders view
Real-time scrolling trading activity view
Search and filter locally stored trading activity
Multi-Broker Trading
ActiveTick Platform is built on top of robust and extendable architecture capable of scaling to various trading brokerage firms.

All trading functionality within ActiveTick Platform is designed to support multiple brokerage accounts. Order entry window for example, is capable of order placement in any trading account associated with ActiveTick. Open Orders and Position views also display information for all accounts inside a single window.

Currently, ActiveTick Platform supports the following brokerages:

TD Ameritrade
Gain Capital Forex

ActiveTick is currently working on incorporating additional brokerages, which soon will be available to our customers.
Virtual Trading
Virtual trading is an excellent feature inside ActiveTick Platform allowing traders to paper-trade without risking real money on the market.

All virtual accounts can be created and deleted with ease. With ActiveTick Platform supporting unlimited amount of virtual accounts, it is very easy to practice trading without any risks.

Virtual accounts work the same way as real trading accounts, except that these accounts do not have real money. All features such as portfolio trading, real-time execution notifications, and other features, are still available to virtual accounts.

Virtual trading highlights include:

Unlimited virtual trading accounts
Modifiable initial balances
Same properties as real-accounts
Compatible with back-testing and live trading strategy execution

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