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Streaming Quotes Overview

ActiveTick Platform is powered by an ultra-low latency data feed which instantaneously is delivered to your desktop directly from the exchange floor.

Our ActiveTick front-end servers are collocated at the same facilities as originating exchanges, resulting in superb-quality data. We deliver the same exact institutional-quality data used by everyone else, only at a much smaller price.

Every window that displays market data within ActiveTick Platform supports both extended hours sessions, pre-market and after-hours. ActiveTick Platform offers numerous data fields displaying extended hours activity, such as Pre-Market Volume, After-Hours Trade Count, and various other fields.

The Platform displays streaming market data primarily in four types of views:

Quote Lists
Quick Quotes
Time and Sales
Microsoft Excel via ActiveTick Add-in
Quote Lists
Quote lists are simple spreadsheet-like views of various market data fields. For each added symbol, quote list views display a range of data field columns such as Last Price, Symbol Description, Volume, and many others.

Quote lists are extremely configurable. Various settings such as row colors, flashing high and low price backgrounds, fonts, borders, etc., can be set with ease for each quote list. ActiveTick Platform comes with a number of pre-configured views demonstrating a mixture of styles and effects.

ActiveTick imposes no limits on the number of streaming symbols you can add to a single quote list.

To help with adding symbols to quote lists, the Platform provides a Symbol List Editor tool. The editor logically groups symbols into various symbol lists, which can be locally stored to symbol files, and later loaded into quote lists with a single click of the mouse. The Platform comes with over 250 predefined symbol list categories and various market sectors, such as Banks, Utilities, Telecommunications, and much more.

Quote list highlights include:

Unlimited symbols
Unlimited symbol lists
Over 250 built-in symbol lists
Over 50 dynamically updating fields
Trend chart fields
Dynamic backgrounds for frequent fields
Completely customizable
Right click shortcuts for launching other windows
Multiple symbol addition at a time
Support for drag and drop
Support for data export
Default visual settings controlled through global settings
Option Chains
Option chains display every single trading option contract for an underlying symbol. The window shows contracts broken into logical expiration dates, and sorted by available strike prices.

Within the option chain window, all data fields are dynamically updated with latest real-time market information.

Adding individual contracts from an option chain to another window, such as quote lists and time & sales, is a breeze. Simple right click on a contract, and selecting destination window accomplishes the task.

Option chain highlights include:

Collapsible sorted expiration dates
Highlighting for in-the-money contracts
Displaying of open interest
Completely customizable
Right click shortcuts for launching other windows
Default visual settings controlled through global settings
Heatmaps are used to easily view how a group of symbols is performing without having to analyze every symbol in detail. Heatmaps are great for spotting what is moving in the market, and show what types of trends are developing in real-time.

ActiveTick heatmaps can be viewed in two ways, by market capitalization, and by equal weight.

Heatmap highlights include:

Market Capitalization and Equal Weight views
Built-in industries and sectors
Real-time streaming updates
Quick Quotes

To display information for a single symbol the Platform provides intuitive Quick Quote views. These views display the same data fields as quote lists, but instead of displaying information in a tabular format for a number of symbols, Quick Quote displays everything in a custom-chosen format.

Each data field can be configured to be either big or small, placed into any position inside the Quick Quote view, formatted to display various styles, and much more.

ActiveTick Platform also offers a built-in Quick Quote Designer tool to create, edit, and save custom-built Quick Quotes. The designer gives you complete control over what information is displayed in a Quick Quote, how it is presented, and much more.

ActiveTick Platform comes with a number of predefined Quick Quote views.

Quick Quote highlights include:

Quick Quote Designer
Support for unlimited Quick Quotes
Over 50 dynamically updating fields
Ships with over 10 complete Quick Quotes templates
Completely customizable
Support for drag and drop
Times & Sales

For in-depth views of activity in individual symbols, ActiveTick Platform offers dynamically scrolling Time & Sales views. These views display full and original raw exchange tick-by-tick data streams, including data such as composite and regional exchange updates, trade and quote conditions fields, original exchange-generated time stamps, and much more.

Time & Sales views are also highly configurable. The Platform supports various coloring categories for a number of conditions, such as abnormal trades, crossed trades, locked markets, halts. Time & Sales views can also be configured to display only trade or quote updates, or both.

In addition to displaying streaming real-time market data, Time & Sales views also provide searching capabilities for past historical data via easy-to-use interface.

Time & Sales highlights include:

View raw exchange data
View regional and NBBO (National Best Bid/Offer) updates
Dynamic background highlights for changes
Completely customizable
Support for viewing quotes, trades, or both
Data stream caching after initial query/response
Searching and filtering

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