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About ActiveTick Platform

ActiveTick Platform is a market data and trading software built for serious traders and investors looking to empower their trading.

ActiveTick Platform offers a wide range of functionality delivered directly to your desktop:

Ultra-fast and low latency real-time streaming market data
Dynamic charting
Market data research
Market statistics
Additional valuable market information

Our Platform is highly customizable, easy to use, and includes all the “bells and whistles” you come to expect from a reputable software package.

In addition to offering streaming real-time quotes and charts, ActiveTick Platform also provides integrated trading with various brokerage firms. If you have accounts at supporting brokerages, you can use the trading interface to place live orders, monitor order fills, view portfolios with dynamically updating profit and loss values, and much more.

For traders looking to develop and back-test their own trading strategies, ActiveTick offers cutting edge tools to:

Run various trading simulations
Compile detailed performance reports
Provide visual aids
And offer a great deal of additional functionality
ActiveTick Platform Features
ActiveTick Platform is a very easy-to-use downloadable client application built to run on Windows operating systems.

Majority of ActiveTick Platform's advanced features hide behind a very simple user interface, allowing its users simplicity, convenience, and a wide range of functionality.

Some of Platform's highlights include:

Workspace-based interface
Multiple window layouts in a single workspace
User interface themes
Drag-and-drop functionality
Fully customizable
Streaming Quote Features

ActiveTick Platform dynamically displays updating streaming quotes in a number of different ways:

Regular spreadsheet-like quote lists
Customizable individual quote views
Updating heatmaps
Scrolling time & sales screens
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

Some of streaming quote highlights include:
Institutional-quality streaming data
Over 50 dynamic quote fields
Support for pre-market and after-hours extended sessions
Support for unlimited symbols in quote lists
Support of unlimited symbol lists
Symbol list editor
Over 250 built-in market sectors symbol lists
Highly configurable quick quotes
Quick quote views designer
Detailed streaming time & sales
Time & sales searching and filtering
Easy-to-use Microsoft Excel Add-in for dynamically updating quotes

To find out more details about streaming quotes, click here
Advanced Chart Features

ActiveTick Platform's charting is packed with superb features. Here you will find:

Over 50 different built-in technical indicators
Ability to program your own custom indicators
Viewing real-time and historic time ranges
Tick and variable intraday time intervals

Some of advanced charting highlights include:
View multiple symbols on the same chart
Various timing intervals such as intraday, daily, weekly
Variable intraday timing intervals from 1 to 60 minutes
View real-time or select custom date range
Scrolling tick charts
Over 50 different built-in technical indicators
Support for custom-built technical indicators using JavaScript
Over 15 different technical analysis drawing tools
Easy-to-use zoom and scroll
Trade directly from charts
View live orders and executions directly on the chart
Unlimited opened charts

To find out more details about advanced charting, click here
Integrated Trading Features

ActiveTick Platform integrates with a number of brokerages to provide trading from within the application. Common tasks such as order entry, modification, and cancellation can easily be done with one or two mouse clicks.

The Platform seamlessly communicates with brokerage firms behind the scenes, and provides dynamically updating feedback for any transactions, such as order fills, trade notifications, and other types of events.

Some of trading highlights include:
Support for stocks, options, and currencies
Multiple live brokerage trading accounts
Unlimited virtual paper-trading accounts
Intuitive order entry
Single mouse click for placing and canceling orders
Advanced streaming real-time portfolio views
Lot-based trading
Automated strategy trading
Unlimited running live trading strategies
Instant dynamic notifications of account activities
Real-time calculation of profit & loss (P&L) figures
P&L editor
Locally-stored transaction history
Easy-to-use transaction searching

To find out more details about trading, click here
Trading Strategy Back-Testing Features
Some of back-testing highlights include:
Development of simple and complex custom trading strategies with JavaScript
Feature-rich built-in object oriented library for development of trading strategies
Modern code editor
Back-test strategy optimizer
Back-test multiple strategies at a time against over 30 years of historical data
Detailed performance reporting
Visual graphing for entry and exit points on a chart
Visual graphing of account performance

To find out more details about back-testing, click here

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