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ActiveTick eSignal DTN IQ RealTick NinjaTrader QCharts
Market data
Real-time streaming equities, options, and currencies Included Included, currencies extra $50 Included, currencies extra $25 Included No, need to buy external market data Included, currencies extra $50
Unlimited real-time streaming symbols Included 200 maximum $40 for maximum 500 symbols Included No 200 maximum
30+ years of historical data Included $10 No Included No Included
Real-time financial streaming news Included $10 $50 $25 No Included
Charting Features
Over 50 technical indicators Included Included No No Included No
Program your own technical indicators Included Included No No Included No
View equities, currencies, and futures on the same chart Included Included No No No No
Rich set of interactive drawing tools Included Included No Included Included Included
Custom user defined interval compression Included Included No No No No
Integrated Trading
Connectivity to multiple brokers Included Included No Included in Trader version, pricing varies $90/mo No
Single click order entry, modification, and cancellation Included Included No No No No
Comprehensive lot-based position tracking and trading Included No No No No No
Advanced cost-basis portfolio management across multiple accounts Included No No No No No
Trading strategy development with JavaScript Included Included, using EFS script No No Included, using C# language No
Strategy back-testing with complete performance reporting Included Included No No Included No
Simultaneous running of multiple live strategies Included No No No No No
Real-time simulated practice trading Included Included No Included No No
Platform fees $19.95 $125 $100 $300 for Pro version, variable for Trader version $90 $129.95

Bottom line $19.95/mo $205 $233 $329 + variable pricing for Trader version $90 + external market data fees $189.95
*Prices from competition were obtained on 09/01/2009, and are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. Each trademarked product is owned by their respective company.

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