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Strategy Back-Testing and Automated Trading Overview

Strategy back-testing gives traders ability to optimize their trading strategies and automate their trading by letting the software automatically trade for them.

ActiveTick Platform supports wide range of back-testing and automated trading capabilities. With ActiveTick Platform, traders are given the necessary tools to develop, test, and execute simple and complex trading strategies.

Back-testing trading strategies and analyzing performances is easy with ActiveTick Platform. The Platform provides simple visual interface to set up the back-tests, run through the tests, and present detailed performance report for each run. With each back-test run, the Platform takes various input variables and optimizes them with values that result in maximum performance for each strategy.

Back-testing highlights include:

Easy-to-use interface
Powerful reporting
Variable input parameters
Built-in optimizer
Execute multiple back-tests at a time
Strategy Building

ActiveTick Platform comes with a fully featured built-in JavaScript language capable of processing instructions for complex trading strategies on the fly. The Platform offers two ways of building trading strategies:

Through an easy-to-use Trading Strategy Builder Wizard
Directly through editing JavaScript code

Inside ActiveTick Platform, development is done via a modern source code editor, a rich JavaScript library covering all aspects for creation of trading strategies, and a fully documented library along with various samples.

To demonstrate its capabilities, ActiveTick Platform ships with a number of simple trading strategies such as simple moving average crossovers, stochastic thresholds, and various other strategies.

Strategy building highlights include:

Wizard-based or advanced JavaScript strategy creation
Fully featured JavaScript language
Rich library of objects and functions for strategy building
Support for pulling and analyzing multiple symbols inside one strategy
Modern source code editor with highlights, intellisense, and automatic indentations
Well documented API
Strategy Analysis and Reporting

For each trading strategy back-test, ActiveTick Platform provides a detailed report of how well the strategy is performing. The Platform breaks reporting down into four pieces:

Plotting of entry and exit points
Performance report
Account balance
Raw trade activity

Each back-test generates a simple chart displaying all trades that are entered and exited during the test. Each trade shows up as an action icon on the chart, and a simple mouse hover over the icon reveals details about the trade. The chart also automatically displays all technical analysis indicators used by the trading strategy.

Each back-test run also generates a detailed report containing various data fields measuring the performance of each trading strategy. Some of data fields within the report contain:

Gross Profit/Loss
Absolute Drawdown
Average Winning/Losing Positions
Consecutive Wins and Losses
..much more!

To display the effectiveness of each trading strategy, ActiveTick Platform also provides a simple account balance chart with initial account balance and the progression of that balance during the entire back-test. The chart offers a valuable and easy-to-see visual display of what happens to the balance when a trading strategy runs against historic data, and potentially offer insights of how well it will perform in the future.

Live Automated Trading

After trading strategies are gone through the design, back-test, and optimization stages, ActiveTick Platform can run these strategies against live trading accounts and real-time data streams. The Platform is designed to run multiple concurrent trading strategies at a time, using same or different trading accounts and symbols.

Each automated order placement and execution resulting from live trading strategies generates dynamic notifications to the user, alerting them about trade actions.

ActiveTick Platform is also capable of running multiple live trading strategies against virtual trading accounts. With this option, traders can gage the performance and effectiveness of their strategies without risking a single penny on the market, but still utilize real-time data stream.

Live automated trading highlights include:

Run multiple trading strategies at a time
Support for running against multiple accounts
Support for running against same symbols but different time intervals
Support for pausing, resuming, and deleting of strategies
Dynamic trade events notifications
Behind the scenes quote stream monitoring
Efficient and high-performance code execution

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