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Top 5 reasons to choose ActiveTick Platform:
1. Speed
We own our proprietary ticker plant capable of processing millions of transactions a second
Our servers are located in the same state-of-the art facilities as the ones used by exchanges
Data sourced directly from exchanges
We offer near-instantaneous data processing with ultra-low latency rates of only 20-25 microseconds
2. Stability
Our software is built in-house using high-performance C++ language without any third-party components
The software is designed by a team of professionals with over 50 years of combined industry experience
We utilize redundant data centers across the country for maximum service availability
All of our servers are fully redundant and load-balanced
We guarantee 99.99% up time
3. Value
Hands down the best value for the money
Fed up with your current inadequate software? Then try ActiveTick Platform today and see the difference!
Stop paying enormous fees for other products that offer same or less functionality than ActiveTick Platform
Access the Platform as often and as much as you like without paying extra
4. Information
Our servers contain over 30 years of historical pricing data for equities
Coverage for all U.S. equity and option markets with real-time streaming data
We offer up-to-date fundamental data for equities
Our Data Quality team maintains data integrity and quality in near real-time basis
5. Support
Our customers come first. Period.
We constantly listen to our customers' feedback and suggestions, and incorporate them into our products
Immediate support by online live chat, email, and phone

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