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Do you charge anything else beyond the advertised rate of $19.95 for ActiveTick Platform?
Yes, we charge pass-through exchange fees for each subscribed exchange. Depending on whether you are a non-professional or professional subscriber, you pay different rates. For more information, please visit exchange fees page.

Is free 30-day trial available to professional subscribers?
No, professional subscribers need to pay for the platform at the time of sign up.

What is ActiveTick Market Data API, and do I need to sign up for it to use ActiveTick Platform?
ActiveTick Market Data API is a service designed for software developers wishing to integrate ActiveTick data inside their own custom applications. Unless you are a software developer requiring this functionality, you should only sign up for the $19.95 ActiveTick Platform

Can I cancel my trial if I am not satisfied?
Yes, you can cancel any time within 30 days from your account signup, and we will not charge your account

Do you require long term commitments?
No, our service uses monthly pay-as-you-go model

Are there any limits during my trial?
No, you get a fully-functional product

What type of market data do you support?
We support equities, options, indices, ETFs, and currencies

Do you support Canadian TSX exchange?
No, we currently do not support this exchange

Do you support Level2 data?

Do you send every tick update, or do you send updates once a second?
No, we send every single tick once we receive them from exchanges

Does Excel Add-in costs extra money?
No, the Add-in is included in your ActiveTick Platform price

Does ActiveTick Platform allow multiple logins using same user id?
No, however if you need to login multiple times using same user name, you can purchase additional logins.

How many symbols can I view at a time?
We do not limit amount of symbols you can view, as long as you have adequate computer and Internet connection you can stream as many symbols as you want

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