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Excel Add-in Overview
For traders seeking advanced calculation capabilities offered by Microsoft Excel, ActiveTick provides excellent easy-to-use ActiveTick Excel Add-in.

The add-in is an additional service for all ActiveTick Platform account holders, and does not cost anything extra.

When the add-in is installed on a computer with Excel, it extends Excel’s capabilities to bring real-time streaming data to Excel spreadsheets. Using simple formulas, such as AT_LASTPRICE() and AT_VOLUME(), Excel displays continually updating data inside spreadsheet cells. ActiveTick Excel Add-in supports over 20 different dynamic real-time formulas.

Spreadsheet cells with dynamic ActiveTick Excel Add-in formulas can be referenced by any other cells inside the spreadsheet. When dynamic cells update, other cells referencing dynamic cell also update. And if referencing cells have math calculations in them, all of these calculations will be recalculated automatically.

The add-in is designed with performance in mind. Using latest technologies, the add-in is capable of streaming large spreadsheets with 1000’s of symbols inside spreadsheets without any performance issues.

Highlights of add-in capabilities include:

20+ easy-to-use dynamic formulas
Queries for historical tick data (quotes and trades)
Queries for historical OHLCV data
Support for equities, options, and currencies
Option chains
Easy builder for quote spreadsheets
High performance design
Stand-alone install, does not require runnning of ActiveTick Platform
Historical Data

Along with streaming data, the add-in is also capable of querying ActiveTick servers for tick, and OHLCV bar data to perform research and analysis. Using new ActiveTick Add-in ribbon menu, available on Excel 2010+, the add-in can request and show historical data for any symbol for a given a date/time range, including stocks, options, and currencies.

For options, the add-in supports original ticks and bar data even for long-expired option contracts.

Historical datasets returned by the add-in, contain full pricing information. For example, bar datasets contain original open, high, low, and closing prices, along with each bar’s volume. For ticks, datasets contain data points such as traded last price, bid and ask price, size, exchange code, and original exchange time.

Using the add-in to query trade and quote ticks directly inside Excel, offers unique capability to perform research, spot trends, identify various conditions, and many others.

Options Capabilities

For option traders, the add-in offers full support for option contracts. Any formula is capable of accepting option contract symbols, and works the same way as it would for equity symbols.

Additionally, using ActiveTick Add-in ribbon menu, requesting entire chain of option contracts for underlying symbol is as simple as typing a symbol and pressing Enter key.

When option chain is requested, the add-in builds and displays a new spreadsheet with all call and put contracts available for underlying symbol, sorted by strike prices and expiration dates. Any contract symbol can then be referenced by any add-in formula.

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