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Charting Overview
We have put in a great deal of effort designing and building charts for ActiveTick Platform. Our charting package offering meets or exceeds various other popular packages on the market in terms of features, functionality, and quality, but cost far less!

You will find many standard charting features within the Platform that you come to expect in a reputable charting package.
Charting Data

ActiveTick Platform charting offers various timing intervals, including tick, intraday, daily, and weekly intervals.

Tick charts display trade activity as it happens, and scroll every time a new trade message is received. Tick charts provide a great deal of visual insight for activity and momentum.

ActiveTick Platform charts support variable intraday time ranges between 1-minute and 60-minutes, in addition to standard 1-minute, 5-minute, and 60-minute intraday chart intervals.

The Platform allows you to zoom into historical data using custom time ranges, and display selected data in the same way as real-time data. The historical zoom works for all time intervals, including tick, intraday, daily, and weekly intervals. It is common for most charting packages to only display current activity.

ActiveTick's ticker plant server farm stores over 3 years of intraday historical data, over 20 years of daily data, and over 50 years of weekly data. Our data is automatically adjusted for splits, dividends, and other corporate actions.

Charting data highlights include:

Variable intraday intervals
Scrolling tick-by-tick charts
Lightning-fast queries/responses
Zoom between any two dates
View currencies and equities on the same chart
Support for multiple symbols
View multiple symbols on the same chart or in different indicator windows
Technical Analysis

ActiveTick Platform technical analysis features are packed with necessary tools for active traders, and are exceptionally easy-to-use. The Platform comes with over 50 built-in commonly used technical indicators. Click here to view the full list.

Adding, modifying, and removing technical indicators is extremely easy, and is typically accomplished with one or two mouse clicks.

Most technical indicators inside ActiveTick Platform can be used as input sources to other technical indicators. For example, it is easy to add a Fast Stochastic indicator to a chart, and then add a Simple Moving Average to Fast Stochastic’s %K value to draw the average for the %K data.

For Platform users wishing to extend existing set of built-in indicators, the software provides a development environment with modern source code editor to easily develop, test, and plug in custom-built technical indicators utilizing JavaScript language. ActiveTick Platform offers feature-rich object oriented JavaScript library to aid the building of custom indicators, as well as completely documented API and various examples to get developers started building their own indicators.

Custom-built indicators can also be shared among different users of ActiveTick Platform. When custom technical indicators are imported into the Platform from different users, the Platform treats them as any other standard indicators inside the application.

ActiveTick Platform supports over 15 different technical analysis drawing objects to help traders identify and work with a variety of technical patterns. Technical analysis drawing objects comprise of various trend-line styles, full range of Fibonacci analysis tools, and many more. Some of the drawing objects such as trend-lines can be configured to continuously extend themselves beyond original periods as charts scroll off, and continue to draw themselves indefinitely.

Drawing objects are also very customizable. Once these objects are drawn on the chart, they can be moved to different locations, resized, modified with different colors, sizes, and much more.

Technical analysis highlights include:

Over 50 built-in technical indicators
Over 15 built-in drawing objects
Build your own technical indicators with JavaScript
Use indicators on top of other indicators
Highly configurable
Indicator List to easily manage and re-arrange indicators
Add, modify, and remove indicators with a single mouse click
Easily move indicators to different indicator windows within the chart
Easily draw, modify, and remove technical analysis objects
Advanced Features

ActiveTick Platform charts are remarkably customizable to suit different tastes and preferences. Every displayable item in the charts can be customized to show in different size, color, font, and a range of other displayable options.

For traders looking to compare multiple symbols in the same chart window, the Platform offers an easy way to add additional symbols and view them side by side. The software gives complete flexibility to the user where additional symbol are added and displayed within the chart window.

When viewing multiple different types of symbols on the same chart, such as currencies and equities, the Platform automatically rescales the time axis to properly show data in a 24-hour format. Using this functionality, traders can compare equities, indices, and currencies on the same chart using the same time axis.

ActiveTick Platform charts are also capable of displaying different account trading activity as it happens in real-time, as well as displaying historical activity from the past. All placed orders and order executions, show up on charts with different visual icons, and a simple hovering of the mouse over these icons reveals their trading actions.

In addition to displaying trading activity on the charts, the charts also allow placement of live trading orders directly from the charts.

Charting functionality highlights include:

View trading actions on the chart
Detailed cross-hair support
Easy-to-use zooming in/out feature
Automatic chart resizing when zoomed-in
Various chart styles such as OHLC, candlesticks, lines, mountain
Toolbar shortcuts for time intervals, drawing objects, and frequently used features

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