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Snapshot Data Services
For real-time static market data values, ActiveTick Market Data API offers snapshot functionality.

ActiveTick snapshot servers capture and process all market data updates for every symbol within broadcast feed from exchanges. The updates run through a series of different calculations to determine things such as high and low price for the trading session, volume accumulation, trading counts, and many others.

This entire dataset is updated in real-time basis, and is available for querying via snapshot API.

Just like with tick and bar data requests, snapshot API utilizes the same asynchronous request/response model, in which the caller does not wait for server response, but gets notification when one is received.

Data can be requested for single symbols, as well as multiple symbols at a time. When requested with multiple symbols, the server instantaneously returns entire dataset at once for all symbols, saving on response times as well as bandwidth footprint.
Data Field Values
The following is a subset of data field values is available in Market Data API:

After Market Volume Day High Price Last Size Profile Long Name
After Market Close Price Day High Time Last Trade Time Profile Primary Exchange
After Market Trade Count Day Low Price Low Price Profile Sector
Ask Exchange Day LowT ime Open Price Profile Short Name
Ask Price Extended Hours Last Price Option Open Interest Quote Condition
Ask Size High Price Pre Market Open Price Trade Count
Bid Exchange Last Condition Pre Market Trade Count Volume
Bid Price Last Exchange Pre Market Volume
Bid Size Last Price Previous Close Price
Close Price Last Quote Time Profile Industry

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