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ActiveTick Market Data API services are designed for individual developers wishing to integrate and use market data inside their own custom-developed applications.

The API offers various market data services, including:

Historical tick and bar data
Snapshot data points
Real-time streaming data

ActiveTick offers a number of different API SDKs that provide access to these data services. Currently, Market Data API supports the following environments:

C++ Linux
C++ Windows
C++ Mac OS X
COM Windows
When used inside applications, the API provides easy-to-use programming interface to query market data, manage streaming subscriptions, and receive streaming updates. Under the hood, the API takes care of necessary legwork for maintaining sessions, subscriptions, stream decompression, and much more. The data presented to applications from API requires no additional data processing, and can immediately be consumed.

All requested data is delivered to API user via an Internet connection. ActiveTick utilizes redundant load-balanced servers to answer API requests quickly and in timely manner. Additionally, to save bandwidth footprint for streaming updates, all streaming data is efficiently compressed and sent to the end user without sacrificing any performance or introducing latency.
All data, including any derivative of data accessible via the API, is only intended for personal use by the account owner. What this means is that data cannot be copied, resold, or redistributed in any form to anyone else other than the individual who is paying for the Market Data API account.

Companies wishing to integrate market data inside their applications can use ActiveTick Market Data API, granted that each of their application users has their own Market Data API account, and uses their own login credentials to log into ActiveTick servers.

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